Office of the Chair

  • Pamela Raymond

    Pamela Raymond

    Chair, MCDB
    3003 Natural Science

    Retinal development and regeneration in zebrafish, with a special focus on mechanisms of cell fate specification and patterning, and the properties of retinal stem cells734.764.7427 /

  • faculty image: anujk

    Anuj Kumar

    Associate Professor
    Associate Chair
    Graduate Studies
    4071D Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 4063 Nat. Sci. 734.647.6701

    Research applies methods in functional genomics and proteomics to understand eukaryotic cell biology.734.647.8060 /

  • Patrick Flannery

    Patrick Flannery

    Department Administrator 1127B Nat. Sci.

    734.936.2997 /

  • Diane Durfy

    Diane Durfy

    Executive Secretary 1127 Nat. Sci.

    734.764.7427 /

  • faculty image: rdenver

    Robert Denver

    Associate Chair
    Research & Facilities
    3065C Nat Sci.
    Lab Address: 3071, 3077 Nat. Sci. 734.647.2604

    Molecular mechanisms of hormone action in brain development, functional and structural evolution of neuropeptides, developmental plasticity and long term consequences of early life stress.734.936.6625 /

  • faculty image: chapmanm

    Matthew Chapman

    Associate Professor
    Associate Chair
    Undergraduate Studies
    2095A Nat. Sci.
    Lab Address: 2095 Nat. Sci.

    Research is aimed at understanding how bacteria secrete and assemble disease-associated fibers called curli.734.764.7592 /