Genetic evidence for shared mechanisms of epimorphic regeneration in zebrafish

Author(s): Z. Qin, L.K. Barthel, P. Raymond


In a microarray-based gene profiling analysis of Müller glia-derived retinal stem cells in light-damaged retinas from adult zebrafish, we found that 2 genes required for regeneration of fin and heart tissues in zebrafish, hspd1 (heat shock 60-kDa protein 1) and mps1 (monopolar spindle 1), were up-regulated. Expression of both genes in the neurogenic Müller glia and progenitors was independently verified by quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR and in situ hybridization. Functional analysis of temperature-sensitive mutants of hspd1 and mps1 revealed that both are necessary for Müller glia-based cone photoreceptor regeneration in adult zebrafish retina

Publication Information:

Name of Periodical: Pub. Med.

Volume Number: 106

Issue Number: 23

Year of Publication: 2009