Student Leadership

As a program dedicated to helping college students develop lifelong leadership skills, MCSP offers multiple positions for sophomores through seniors.  Expand the following sections to learn about ways to lead our learning community!

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Meet the Peer Advisors and Peer Mentors +

The Peer Advisors and Peer Mentors are sophomores and juniors at U-M. These students help the RA’s build a strong sense of community and serve as resources and role models for first year students. Having just transitioned into college a year or two ago, they can share personal experiences about life within MCSP and at U-M.

Peer Advisors for Programming: The Peer Advisors for Programming serve as co-chairs of the Programming Board (PB&U), a student-run organization providing social, cultural and community service events for MCSP students. Their weekly meetings encourage underclassmen to propose events, vote on new initiatives, and foster a vibrant atmosphere for their learning community.

2014-2015 Peer Advisors for Programming (PB&U)

Francesca Bennett
Daniel Distler
Selena Joarder
Caitlin Harrell
Aditi Rajadhyaksha

Peer Advisors for Community Service (PACS): The PACS act as Action Team Coordinators and Site Leaders for the service component of University Course 102.  With weekly meetings, they plan out individual initiatives and seek suggestions from first year students for new community service sites.

2014-2015 Peer Advisors for Community Service (PACS)

Luke Higgins
Elizabeth Ladwig
Melissa Ramirez
Meghan Rowley
Raina Srivastava

Peer Advisors for Intergroup Relations (IRC): The IRC coordinates cultural events, and plans and leads dialogue-style conversations on a range of social identity and social justice issues, along with addressing climate-focused initiatives.  They welcome the MCSP community at their weekly meetings and dialogues, in which they bring awareness to current issues and events. 

2014-2015 Peer Advisors for Intergroup Relations (IRC)

Sydney Bartell
Sharae Franklin
Candice Miller
Alexis West
Kevin Yang

Peer Mentors (PMs): The Peer Mentors help first-year students acclimate to campus during Welcome Week and transition into college throughout the year.  Each PM has a “family” of several students that meet regularly for group dinners, study-breaks and social events such as ice-skating at Yost Arena.

2014-2015 Peer Mentors (PMs)

Rachel Atkinson
Adam Brodnax
Tierra Christian
Melissa Diaz
Sheng Dong
Emma Doud
Jacob Edelman
Claire Erwin
Katherine Forche
Madeleine Glew
Logan Light
Andrew Mei
Rebecca Meron
Tamar Meron
Jonathan Moon
Nicholas Olesko
Donovan Park
Jeremy Parks
Jacob Pearlman
Frank Scola
Julia Snider
Tahmeed Tureen
Katie Warbel
Eddie Williams
Corinne Wong

Meet the Resident Advisors +

The Resident Advisors (RAs) for the Michigan Community Scholars Program are juniors and seniors at U-M. These students live in hallways alongside their residents, serve as community-builders, crisis managers, listeners and friends.  The RAs also facilitate small discussion sections of the University Course 102 seminar and encourage communication between first-year students. If you have questions or concerns, please seek out one of the Resident Advisors.  They are always here for you.

2014-2015 Resident Advisors (RAs)

Tony Bae
Meredith Burke
Amanda Champagne
Chloe Henderson
Kiven Lewis
Cullen O'Keefe
Connor Wilkinson

Meet the Webmaster +

The Webmaster helps students, faculty and staff with technological issues and questions pertaining to MCSP activities and academic coursework.  The student maintains this website, a digital media archive, and assists with technical questions / issues.

2014-2015 Webmaster

Andrew Mei 

Contact the webmaster at

See the Student Leaders Sing the MCSP Song +

Along with outstanding leadership skills, our students have a variety of creative talents. Inspired by their MCSPassion, they put together an MCSP Song and Video. Enjoy!