• s. Abraham

    Susan Abraham

    Medieval and early modern Ibero-Muslim and Judaic studies, the role of language in negotiating cultural and religious difference; Mediterranean studies

  • Paroma Chatterjee

    Paroma Chatterjee

    Assistant Professor of History of Art

  • Mayte Green-Mercado

    Marya T. Green-Mercado

    Assisant Professor of Mediterranean Studies

  • Michele Hannoosh

    Michele Hannoosh

    Professor of French

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  • holmesmegan.jpg

    Megan Holmes

    Professor 150B Tappan Hall

    734.763.0517 /

  • Photo of Kashdan

    Harry Kashdan

    Graduate Student

  • Devi Mayes

    Devi Mays

  • Ryan Szpiech

    Ryan Szpiech

    Associate Professor of Spanish 4140 MLB 1275

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  • terrenatopictureResized

    Nicola Terrenato

    Professor of Classical Archaeology 2128 Angell Hall

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  • Ruth Tsoffar

    Ruth Tsoffar

    Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Women's Studies