Michigan Medieval Seminar: Environmental Histories

Featured speakers: Ellen Arnold, Ohio Wesleyan University

                              Michael Decker, University of South Florida

                              Robert Magnusson, University of Oklahoma 

                              Joyce Salisbury, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

U-M Discussants:   Peggy McCracken, French and Women's Studies

                              Clara Bosak-Schroeder, Classical Studies

                              Anne Berg, History

                              Chris Ratte, Classical Studies 

An Environmental Roundtable that concludes the conference will put medievalists in dialog with people who study modern environmental situations.

Mediating the Sacred and Secular in the Medieval and Early Modern Period

The Early Modern Colloquium, a graduate interdisciplinary group at the University of Michigan, will host a conference on the conceptualizations of the sacred and secular during the Medieval and Early Modern periods. This conference will engage with issues of periodicity through questions of secular versus sacred authority both during and between these eras. More specifically, it will investigate particular literary representations that negotiate and mediate the divide of the sacred and the secular in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

 Keynote speakers will be Nancy Warren (English, Texas A&M) and Sara Poor (German, Princeton).

Exploring Reputation in Early Modern Spain

Early Modern Spain was an era in which reputation was paramount, and fiction played a seminal role in the form of pamphlets, laudatory and satirical poetry, and prefaces to books.  But the question of infamy still remains largely unexplored, as the field has traditionally focused on how its elements (writers, texts, printing presses) worked, not on how they failed.  Famous / Infamous will gather eight exciting and cutting-edge scholars working in the domains of literature, aesthetics, performance, and cultural history.  Our goal is to shed new light on a neglected side of an epoch in which failure mattered greatly.

Based in Romance Languages and Literatures. Details forthcoming.

Medieval and Early Modern Apolcalyptic Thought

Details forthcoming.