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Announcing the Center for Renaissance Studies' new online calendar. We invite you to explore this calendar to learn about Center programming. The application is available through "Google Calendar" and can be accessed by clicking on this link.

The Newberry Library once again hosts the Mellon Institutes in Vernacular Paleography for 2013-2016. 2013: Spanish, French; 2014: English, Italian; 2015 Spanish, French; 2016 English, Italian.

For information, visit the Newberry webpage.

The Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies

Please note that all programs require pre-registration through the Center for Renaissance Studies either by email or by phone at 312.255.3514. Click on the individual program links for detailed information. All programs are subject to change. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at The Newberry.

2013-2014 Calendar

Updates available here.

Fall 2013

Thursday to Saturday, September 19-21
Conference on Union and Disunion: Comparing Political Unions in the Late Medieval and Early Modern World, 1350-1801

Thursdays, September 26 to December 5
Ten-Week Graduate Seminar:
History of Emotions, Medieval and Early Modern
Led by Barbara Rosenwein, Loyola University Chicago
(currently full, but we are keeping a wait list)

Tuesday, October 15
CFP deadline for 2014 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Saturday, October 19
Shakespeare Project of Chicago: The Merchant of Venice

Friday, November 1
Application deadline: Monday, September 30
Research Methods Workshop for Early Career Graduate Students
Early Modernity in Global Perspective
Led by by Ellen McClure and Laura Hostetler, both of University of Illinois at Chicago

Saturday, November 2
Medieval Intellectual History Seminar: Dyan Elliott, Northwestern University, and David Morris, University of Notre Dame

Friday, November 8
Lecture in Early Modern History: Eric Dursteler, Brigham Young University

Saturday, November 9
Milton Seminar: Wendy Furman-Adams, Whittier College

Friday, November 15
Dante Lecture: Guy Raffa, University of Texas at Austin

Saturday, November 16
Eighteenth-Century Seminar: Jonathan Lamb, Vanderbilt University

Saturday, December 7
Medieval Intellectual History Seminar: speakers to be announced

Spring 2014

Saturday, January 18
Shakespeare Project of Chicago: Thomas Heywood's The Fair Maid of the West

Thursday to Saturday, January 23-25
Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference

Friday and Saturday, January 31-February 1
Application deadline: Monday, December 2
Research Methods Workshop for Early Career Graduate Students
French Pamphlets at the Newberry: The Formation of the Concept of "Revolution" and Revolutionary Ideology

Led by Dale Van Kley, Ohio State University

Saturday, February 1
Medieval Intellectual History Seminar:
speakers to be announced

Saturday, February 22
Eighteenth-Century Seminar: Tobias Menely, Miami University

Saturday, February 22
Shakespeare Project of Chicago: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Friday, February 28
At the Intersection of Medieval History and the Social Sciences : A Symposium Honoring Barbara H. Rosenwein

Friday, March 7
Application deadline: Monday, January 27
Research Methods Workshop for Early-Career Graduate Students
Music and Travel, 1500 - 1700
Led by Carla Zecher, Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies

Friday, April 4
History of the Book Lecture: Bruce T. Moran, University of Nevada Reno

Thursday and Friday, April 10-11
Symposium on Rethinking the State Trials: The Politics of Justice in Later Stuart England

Saturday, April 19
Eighteenth-Century Seminar: Nina Dubin, University of Illinois at Chicago

History of the Book Lecture: Eyal Poleg, Queen Mary, University of London

Saturday, April 26
Shakespeare Project of Chicago: All's Well That Ends Well

Saturday, May 17
Milton Seminar: Joshua Scodel, University of Chicago

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Eighteenth-Century Studies Symposium
: Speakers to be announced

For detailed information about these events, and to register to attend, visit

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