MEMS Certificate Application Form

Any student with a bachelor’s degree who has been admitted to, or is currently enrolled in, a graduate program at the University is eligible to apply for a Graduate Certificate in MEMS. Applicants should have at least an A- average in their graduate course work or (for entering students) in their undergraduate course work and are expected to have reading knowledge of two foreign languages.

Admissions take place throughout the year, and the application process has two steps. First, application is made to the MEMS program. Applications are reviewed by the MEMS Executive Committee on an ongoing basis. Second, once applicants have received a letter of acceptance from the program, they should go to the Rackham website and complete the paperwork for the Dual Degree application. (This will entail getting signatures from the chair of their home department and from the MEMS director.)

Students must submit the following to the MEMS program:
  1. A letter outlining his or her reasons for wanting to receive MEMS certification and explaining the rationale of the proposed course of study. The letter should also explain the student’s background in Medieval and/or Early Modern Studies.
  2. A current transcript demonstrating at least an A- average and language facility.
  3. A letter of approval from the Director of Graduate Studies in the student's home department.
  4. Specific Course Requirements: MEMS is a 15-credit program; up to 9 of the 15 credit hours may include coursework required for the student’s graduate or professional degree. Students will produce a 20-page term paper for the required proseminar; reading for the course will be around 150 pages per week.

Certificate students will be advised by the MEMS director, in consultation with a MEMS faculty associate in the student’s home unit. Students are encouraged to meet with the director at least once per term to assess progress towards the certificate.