The Proseminar: Centerpiece of the Graduate Certificate Program

The MEMS Proseminar, a team-taught comparative and/or interdisciplinary course, brings together faculty and students from a wide array of our constituent areas. Visiting lectures, colloquiua, and conferences are often coordinated to bear upon the topic of a given term’s proseminar. The course is offered under two or more departments (appropriate to the topic and disciplinary approach) and welcomes both Certificate students and other interested students.

Please see the links below for a taste of what the MEMS Proseminars have offered in the past.

Fall 2015: "Premodern Empires: Comparative Studies"

History 698 / NES ?? taught by Professors Michael Bonner (NES) and Ray Van Dam (History)

Winter 2015: "Knowledge and Visuality in Early Modern Europe"

History of Art 689 taught by Professors Celeste Brusati and Jennifer Nelson (History of Art)

Fall 2014: "Premodern Cities: Comparative Studies"

History 698 / Italian 660 taught by Professors Ray Van Dam (History) and Paolo Squatriti (History, Italian)

Winter 2014: "Material Culture in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe"

History of Art / Women's Studies 720 taught by Professors Patricia Simons (History of Art) and Katherine French (History)

Winter 2013: "Animal, Human, Woman"

Complit 751/WomenStd 698 taught by Professors Valerie Traub (English, Women's Studies) and Peggy McCracken (French, Women's Studies)

Fall 2012: "The Cultural History of Cartography"

(English 630), taught by Professor Valerie Traub (English) and Karl Longstreth (Head, Map Library)

Winter 2012: "Popular Visual Culture in Medieval and EM Japan and Europe"

(Histart 689), taught by Professors Kevin Carr and Megan Holmes (History of Art)

Fall 2011: "The Premodern Mediterranean: Comparative Studies"

(History 698/796 // Italian 660), taught by Professors Ray Van Dam (History) and Paolo Squatriti (Romance Languages)

Winter 2011: “The Culture of Courts in Premodern Europe and East Asia”

(History 698), taught by Professors Diane Owen Hughes and Hitomi Tonomura (History)

Winter 2010: "Albrecht Dürer in Contexts"

(German 821 / History of Art 646), taught by Helmut Puff (German/History) and Achim Timmermann (History of Art)

Winter 2009:  "The Culture of Cities in Premodern Europe"

(Italian 660 // History 638/707), taught by Alison Cornish (Romance Languages) and Diane Owen Hughes (History)

Winter 2008:  "Arts, Patrons, Courts in Early Modern Culture"

(Musicology 505.002/605.001 // Histart 689.003 // RomLang 500), taught by Louise K. Stein (Musicology) with guest lecturers

Winter 2007: “Religion and Empire in the Early Modern Atlantic”

(Eng 642.001/Hist 698.003), taught by Linda Gregerson (English), Susan Juster (History)

Fall 2006: "Histories of Etymology and Genealogy"

(HA 754, Studies in 16th C Italian Art; History 698), taught by Diane Owen Hughes (History) and Pat Simons (History of Art)

Winter 2006:  “The Presence of the Past in Medieval and Early Modern Culture”

Taught by Karla Taylor (English, MEMS) and Tom Willette (History of Art)

Fall 2005: "Visual Valences: Status of the Artist in Med and Early Mod Europe"

Taught by Megan Holmes and Elizabeth Sears (both History of Art)

Fall 2004: “Print Culture in Early Modern Europe”

Taught by Megan Holmes and Pat Simons (both History of Art)

Fall 2003: “Seeing (in) Early Modern Europe"

Taught by Celeste Brusati (History of Art) and Helmut Puff (History, Germanic Languages and Literatures)

Fall 2002: “Geographers and Cartographers: Shaping the Premodern World”

Taught by Michael Bonner (Near Eastern Studies, History), Diane Owen Hughes (History), and Gottfried Hagen (Near Eastern Studies, History)