Rackham Seminars

MEMS and Related Groups and Workshops

FoRMS: The Medieval Lunch Series

The Medieval Brownbag series provides faculty and graduate students from across campus an opportunity to meet, and listen to and discuss each other's work.

Printable Medieval Lunch Semester Schedule (PDF)

Early Modern Colloquium (EMC)

The purpose of the Early Modern Colloquium is to stimulate the early modern scholarly community at the University of Michigan and facilitate conversations between members of various departments within the University.

Eighteenth Century Studies Group (ECSG)

This is a series of events meant to develop the burgeoning interest in global aspects of eighteenth-century Europe and beyond.

Religion in Premodern Europe and Early America Workshop

This Workshop focuses on the social practices and culture, as well as the theological doctrines, of various religious groups of the medieval and early modern period in Europe and Early America, through both historical and literary lenses.

Reading Sainthood Across the Disciplines

We plan to read primary and secondary sources pertaining to the study of saints in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, perhaps also expanding to other traditions like Buddhism and Shamanism.