FoRMS: The Medieval Lunch Series

Begun in Winter of 2010 by professors Cathy Sanok (English) and Hussein Fancy (History) as the Monday Medieval Brownbag, this series is now being run as a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop under the rubric "Forum on Research in Medieval Studies" (FoRMS), the Medieval Lunch Series. Contact student coordinators Kate Waggoner and Chun Wa Chan for more information. Join us on Facebook.

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Fall 2014 Schedule
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one

9/24  - Bruce Mannheim (Anthropology), “What kind of Text was Guaman Poma’s Warikza Arawi?

10/22 - Esther Ladkau (Center for Japanese Studies), In the Absence of the Thing: Authenticity and the Agency of Japan’s Three Sacred Treasures

11/5 - Aiyub Palmer (Near Eastern Studies), "Al-Tirmidhi's Mystical Theosophy as a Theoretical Basis for the Religious Public Sphere in Islam"
12/3 - Gina Brandolino (English Language and Literature), Working Miracles

12/17 - Stefan Stantchev, Arizona State University, “Beyond Trade and Crusade: The Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Enterprise, ca. 1378-ca. 1453