FoRMS: The Medieval Lunch Series

Begun in Winter of 2010 by professors Cathy Sanok (English) and Hussein Fancy (History) as the Monday Medieval Brownbag, this series is now being run as a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop under the rubric "Forum on Research in Medieval Studies" (FoRMS), the Medieval Lunch Series. Contact student coordinators Paula Curtis and Noah Blan for more information. Join us on Facebook.

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Winter 2014 Schedule

2/5  - Ali Hussain (Near Eastern Studies)
Title: “Between the Saint and Text: Embodied Knowledge in Medieval Islamic Mysticism.”
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one

2/19 - Tiggy McLaughlin (Interdepartmental Program in Greek & Roman History)
Title: "Learning through the Liturgy in 5th and 6th Century Gaul Part I: The Example of Public Penance."
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one

3/12 - Mark Burde (Romance Languages & Literatures, Residential College)
Title:  "Brigands Rush In: Swearing, Equivocal Oaths, and the Second Shepherds' Play."
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one

3/26 - Sherry Funches (History)
Title: "Aristocratic Women and the Imperial Court in Late Medieval Japan."
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one

4/9 - Jonathan Farr (History)
Title: “Travelling Saints and Dominican Spiritual Networks in Southern France.”
1014 Tisch Hall, noon to one