Applications & Forms

Steps to take before submitting your application

Be sure to have the following information ready before submitting your application:  

1.  Names, meeting dates and contact information (email and phone number) for both school and concentration advisors are required in the application.  (These meetings are essential to ensure that participation supports each student's educational goals.) 

2.  Names and contact information (title, department or organization, email and/or phone number) for both references (at least one must be a professor or GSI).  

3.  Cumulative GPA from the most recent transcript.  

Sample MIW Online Application

Contact the MIW office ( with questions regarding the application process.  

Michigan in Washington Online Application

You must be signed in with your umich ID to complete this application.

An Essay, Resume and Current Transcript are required with each application


In 500-600 words (approximately one page single spaced), please describe:  

1. How you hope that the MIW program will enrich your college experience, 

2. How your previous experiences make you well-suited for this program, and

3. How an internship in Washington would fit with your educational and career aspirations.  

Please indicate the type of internship(s) and research that you are considering.  Be sure to include your name and UMID in the header.    


Students should update their resume as part of their application to MIW (for use in their internship search).  Contact the Career Center in the Student Activities Building for assistance with resume preparation.    

Current Copy of Transcript

A current copy of the transcript is required with other application materials.  The transcript does not have to be an official transcript, but should include grades from the most recent semester.  

Submission of Materials

Essays, resumes and transcripts should be emailed (preferably as one message) to before the application deadline.  

Materials may also be submitted to the MIW office as hardcopies (6545 Haven Hall).  PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE, FOLD OR USE TWO-SIDED PRINTING FOR HARDCOPY MATERIALS.  

Two Letters of Reference are required with each application

Each student must arrange for two letters of reference to support their application to the Michigan in Washington Program.  The names of people providing these references must be included when the student submits the online portion of the application.  

At least one reference should be from a professor or GSI.  The other can be from another professor or GSI, a permanent advisor (not a peer advisor) or from a long-term supervisor or volunteer leader who is familiar with the student's work.  

Reference letters sent directly to the MIW office or email address

  • Include the name, title, phone number, email and address of the person providing the reference.  
  • Letters may be submitted as email, attachments to email, or as hardcopy.  
  • Letterhead is not required if letters are submitted directly to the MIW office.  
  • Letters sent directly to the MIW office cannot be forwarded for internship or job searches; they are only used for program admission.  
  • The PDF at the link below can also be used (download, complete and email to the MIW office).  This form is provided as a convenience but is not required.  
  • Any attachment (plain or on letterhead), or simply an email is an acceptable format for references sent directly to MIW as long as name, title, department/organization, email and phone numbers are provided.  

MIW Letter of Reference Form

References can be emailed to 

References can be sent via campus or US mail to the MIW office (Michigan in Washington Program, 6545 Haven Hall, 505 S. State, Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1045).  

Reference letters for the Career Center

  • We recommend that students have letters sent to the Career Center's Reference Letter Service (RLS), which requires department letterhead.  
  • Having letters sent to the RLS will allow reference letters to be used for internship and job searches later. 
  • If students choose this option, they should ask the person writing the letter to discuss academic performance as well as job and interpersonal skills so that the letter can be used for internship and job searches as well as program admission.  
  • Students must request that the Career Center forward reference letters to the MIW office by the application deadline.  

Contact the Career Center (in the Student Activities Building) for information about using this service.