Shannon Housley

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Housley (Fall 2012)

MIW Student Ambassador Winter 2013 - Winter 2014
Fall 2012 Cohort

  • About

    "My semester in Washington was by far my busiest. It was also my best. During my semester, I attended a Politico Breakfast event, participated in a rally at the Supreme Court, experienced my first 'business trip' with staff at my internship organization for election protection work in Denver, CO on election day, met my Senator for a quick picture, connected with impressive UM alumni in DC and interned full-time on K Street. 

    The 2012 Presidential Election season only made the atmosphere of Washington even more exciting. Being in such an inspiring place where everyone is accomplishing something major helped me to stay motivated and work effectively on my classes and research. This program has changed my life and now fuels my motivation to return to Washington and become part of its vast and proud Michigan alumni base."  


  • Internship
    • The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
  • Research Topic
    • Necessity or Nullity: Political Participation and Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act
  • Majors
    • Women's Studies and Political Science