George Dong

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Dong 2011

Fall 2008 Cohort

  • About

    "I immigrated to the United States from China when I was fifteen years old and barely spoke English.  My parents never had the opportunity to obtain a decent education in China.  When my father immigrated, he worked as a cook in a Chinese restaurant to support the family.  After graduating from college, I joined Teach For America and tuaght English in the inner city of Chicago because I wanted to make sure that everyone in this country has the opportunities my father never had. "

    "Now, I plan to research Chinese ethnic minority students' under-representation in higher education by examining several conditions that might have an effect on their educational advancement, including a provision of qualified teachers, family values regarding education and sufficient effort to compensate for these impediments.  I hope to exchange insights gained from this experience with Chienese educators in order to contribute towards a broader understanding of how to improve higher education opportunities for minority students." 

  • Education
    • University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts (English), 2009 (Commencement Speaker)
  • Internship
    • Association of American Universities (AAU)
  • Research Topic
    • Immigration and Higher Education