On Campus Events

Information Session for Interested Students, Advisors and Faculty

Information sessions are conducted each semester to provide students interested in a Washington semester with an overview of the program and a chance to hear from a panel of students who have completed the program.  These sessions are also useful for advisors and faculty who may have students that would benefit from a Washington semester.  

The next information session is Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 4PM in the Pendleton Room at the Michigan Union.  

Poster Presentation on Research Project Conducted After DC Semester

MIW students have an additional academic responsibility after they return from DC.  Each student is required to present their research at a public poster session or create a video presentation of their research.  The poster session is held at the Union or League in connection with the Information Session (above).

 MIW students mingle with guests at a Poster   Session in Haven Hall.   

Video Presentations of Research Topic Provide Alternative to Posters

 Graduating seniors and others who are not able to attend the poster session (or prefer to present research in a video) may submit a video in lieu of a poster.  Awards are given each term for the Best Poster and Best Video.  Click here to watch a presentation by the Fall 2013 video winner.  

Debrief Dinner and Program Evaluations

Following the poster session (which is usually from 5-6PM on a weekday), there is a final dinner with the Director, where program evaluations are completed and volunteers for recruiting and work study positions sign up. 

 Dr. Goldenberg meets with students for program evaluations.  



Senior Sendoff

Each April, the MIW Program bids farewell to graduating seniors.  All past, present and future MIW students and friends of the program are invited to this celebration, where seniors receive their red, white and blue service cords and share their plans for the future.