MIRA Administration

  • Fred Adams

    Fred Adams

    Professor of Physics and Astronomy
    MIRA Executive Committee
    3251 Randall

    734.647.4320 / fca@umich.edu

  • Eric Bell

    Eric Bell

    Associate Professor of Astronomy
    MIRA Director
    300E West Hall

    734.764.3408 / ericbell@umich.edu

  • Cheryl Israel

    Center Administrator 311 West Hall

    734.936.1737 / cisrael@umich.edu

  • Justin Kasper

    Justin C. Kasper

    Associate Professor of Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences
    MIRA Executive Committee


  • Jeff McMahon

    Jeff McMahon

    Assistant Professor of Physics
    MIRA Executive Committee
    354 West Hall
    Lab: 3214 Randall (764.7253)

    734.615.2553 / jeffmcm@umich.edu

  • Doug Richstone

    Douglas O. Richstone

    Lawrence H. Aller Collegiate Professor of Astronomy
    MIRA Executive Committee
    300B West Hall

    734.647.4212 / dor@umich.edu