How to Apply

Michigan Learning Communities are very popular programs for incoming students. Admission to the residential programs is selective, and space is limited. All new, first-year students have an opportunity to apply to one or more of the MLC programs, but we cannot guarantee admission.

If you are admitted to a residential program, University Housing will assign you to a residence hall space reserved for participants of that program.

While you are expected to place a high priority on academic pursuits, you will also be encouraged to take full advantage of the special offerings and services of these residential learning communities, the intent of which is to maximize educational opportunities. You are also expected to be a willing partner in developing and maintaining an environment conducive to the academic pursuits of all program participants.


If you're applying to the Health Sciences Scholars Program, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, Michigan Community Scholars Program, Michigan Research Community, or Women In Science and Engineering Residential Program:

Complete the Michigan Learning Community (MLC) application and essay question section of your online Housing application, which you will receive access to once you have paid or have waived your enrollment deposit.

Beginning in May, the MLC that admits you into its program will directly communicate to you your admission status.

The University Mentorship Program and Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (non-residential) will have an online application available beginning in May.

If you are applying to the Residential College (RC), you should indicate your interest on the undergraduate admissions application. However, if you have already applied and been admitted to LSA and now want to be admitted to the RC, you must contact the RC directly. Placement in the RC is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: If you want to live with a specific individual, both of you must apply to — and be admitted to — the same MLC. Some programs may not consider roommate requests.


The Comprehensive Studies Program and Honors Program will extend invitations to students.

If you were not invited but would like to be considered for admission to Honors, you may request a review in writing. For details please review the admissions information at the Honors website. Students invited to the Honors Program are eligible to apply to live in Honors housing; spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.