Endowed Support

Endowments provide a stream of income in perpetuity and are the most important source of outside support for Modern Greek because they guarantee the future of the Program. They are invested in the University's long-term portfolio and provide quarterly distributions. Faculty positions, student scholarships, and annual events are a few examples of important objectives that benefit greatly from the guaranteed income. Endowments may be named to honor a donor, a donor's family, a major figure or anyone whom the donor wishes to recognize.

C. P. Cavafy Professorship

Endowed by the Foundation for Modern Greek Studies to establish a senior faculty position as the scholarly cornerstone of the program.

Calliope Papala Politou Student Prize

Provides for annual Modern Greek senior concentrator award.

The Kalliopi Kontou-Filis and Kenneth P. Mathews Fund

Supports student study opportunities in Greece and Cyprus.