Between Two Patriae, November 7, 2012


Between Two Patriae: Transnational Patriotism in the Adriatic, 1800-1830

Konstantina Zanou, Center for European Studies, New York University                       

November 7, 2012 · 4PM Classics Library 

This lecture is about the story of three poets who set off from the same island in the Adriatic Sea, Zante, and end up becoming the ‘national poets’ of two different countries, Italy and Greece. Ugo Foscolo, Andrea Calbo and Dionisios Solomos were born within years of each other (Foscolo in 1778, Calbo 1792, and Solomos 1798), but enough to inculcate in them different choices regarding language, poetry and, finally, national identity. Their divergent routes are seen as a metaphor for the dissolving Venetian ‘cultural continuum’ of the Adriatic.

Lecture Excerpt