Undergraduate Mini-Course on Greek Music

By ksumrall
Aug 11, 2011 Bookmark and Share

Dr. Yona Stamatis will teach the class from October 4 through November 22 in the Fall 2011 semester. Dr. Stamatis’s course is open to all undergraduates. It requires no prior knowledge of Greek music or language.

In this innovative course, Greece functions as a case study. Situated on the margins of Europe, Greece is a focal point of contemporary crisis. Music is a piece of that crisis: both a symptom of and a tool for reflecting on and shaping reality, including political and cultural globalization; the economic crisis; the balancing of regional and national governance policies; and the shaping of national identity. Students wills study various types of Greek musical expression, from the Eurovision Song Contest, nisiotika (island songs), and parody songs to rebetika, the urban popular song genre that functions today to express an alternative Greekness. The goal will be to develop a critical vocabulary for discussing music in its social context.