The Modern Greek Program consists in the University's offering of courses on modern Hellenism: the language, literature, culture, history, and politics of modern Greece and Greeks, Greek-American Culture, as well as transformations of Hellenic ideas in modern times. Additionally, students are encouraged to take advantage of courses and resources in the anthropology of Europe, Byzantine and Balkan history, history of art, and Greek civilization in late antiquity.

The program offers an undergraduate Concentration and Minor in Modern Greek.

Most courses fulfill undergraduate requirements. The College of Literature, Science and Arts (LSA) requires all students who are pursing a BA or BS to complete the equivalent of two college years of a foreign language. The course sequence of Modern Greek 101, 102, 201, and 202 satisfies this foreign language requirement. Other courses fulfill the social sciences, humanities, race and ethnicity, and upper level writing requirements.

Excellent opportunities for graduate study with a specialization in Modern Greek are available in several departments: History, Anthropology, Sociology, History of Art, Political Science, and  Comparative Literature, and Programs in Women's Studies, Film and Video Studies, and American Culture. Prospective students must apply for admission to one of these departments. They should also contact Professor Vassilis Lambropoulos to discuss their plans.

How to Apply

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Applicants interested in Modern Greek should contact Professor Vassilis Lambropoulos directly for information on deadlines, procedures, and graduate fellowships.  Application for graduate study is made directly to the department of study.

Rackham Graduate School Office of Graduate Admissions: The application process for the graduate programs in Classical Studies and other programs are administered by the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Application forms and information are found in the brochure, Application for Rackham Graduate School at Michigan University of Michigan Graduate Student admissions, and on the Rackham website.

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