Prizes and Scholarships

Foundation for Modern Greek Studies Fellowships for Study in Greece

The Foundation for Modern Greek Studies offers fellowships for modern Greek language study in approved programs in Greece. The fellowships provide funding for transportation, tuition, and other expenses to University of Michigan students of exceptional promise. Fellowships are for summer study. Undergraduates as well as graduate students are eligible. Contact Professor Vassilis Lambropoulos.

Department of Classical Studies Modern Greek Prizes

Each year the Department of Classical Studies presents top undergraduate students with awards acknowledging outstanding achievement and excellence in their field of study. Winners are honored at the Phillips Classical Prize Ceremony held in April. The awards are made possible through the benevolence of University of Michigan alumni and patrons of the Classics. Modern Greek Prizes are awarded to top undergraduate students for excellence demonstrated in a Modern Greek translation competition in both the elementary and intermediate levels. Contact Robin Axelrod.

Hellenic Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs Scholarship for Study in Greece

For the past four years, the Greek Ministries of Culture have offered a scholarship to a student who is studying the Greek language at the University of Michigan. The student is selected by the Instructor for achievement in the study of Greek. The scholarship supports undergraduate summer study at the Modern Greek summer session in Thessaloniki at the Institute for Balkan Studies.

Platsis Prize

The Arthur and Mary Endowment for the Greek Classical Legacy supports annual undergraduate and graduate student prizes for original work relating to the Greek Classical legacy. If you have questions, please contact Sandra Andrade.