C.P. Cavafy Forum

"Archive Policy and National Culture" [streaming of panel in Greek]

Onassis Cultural Center (12/1/2014)

Remembering Cavafy, 150 Years Later

The National Herald (12/17/2013)

Greek Diaspora Intellectuals Reflect on Cavafy

Cavafy 100 Anniversary

Neither Cavafy nor Cavafian [in Greek]

An article by Vassilis Lambropoulos published in TA NEA (6/1/2013)

"Cavafy's Debt": The 11th Annual Dimitris & Irmgard Pallas Modern Greek Lecture

Delivered on 2/25/2013 by Stathis Gourgouris, Professor of Classics, English, and Comparative Literature; Director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University

Cavafy Analogues: Ancient Greek, Byzantine, Decadent and Estheticist

A paper by Stavros Deligiorgis, Professor of English and Comparative Literature Emeritus, The University of Iowa

Closing the Window on Cavafy (PDF)

An essay on Cavafy's photographs by Kostis Kourelis, Assistant Professor of Architectural History, Franklin & Marshall College

Can Cavafy be Set to Music? (PDF)

Longer version of an article by Vassilis Lambropoulos and Pantelis Polychronidis published in TO BHMA

Cavafy in his Working Life (PDF)

A paper by Dr. Sarah Ekdawi, Faculty Research Fellow, Oxford University

"Pantoum for C. P. Cavafy and a Translator" (PDF)

A poem by George Economou

C.P. Cavafy's Selected Prose Works (download file)

A lecture by Peter Jeffreys, Professor, Suffolk University, Department of English

Performances and Epitaphs in C. P. Cavafy’s ‘Young Men of Sidon, A.D. 400’ (PDF)

Pantelis Michelakis
The poem draws on epitaphic and performative discourses which promise liveness, presence, finality, and closure.

"Making History Personal: Constantine Cavafy and the Rise of Rome" (PDF)

Bruce Frier
This lecture examines how Cavafy used the history of Rome's victory over the Hellenistic East to explore and explain his own status as a marginalized homosexual writer living in Alexandria during the period of British colonial rule.

Making History Personal

Audio lecture accompaniment to the written article.

"Where Are the Greeks? Revisiting Cavafy's 'Philhellene'" (PDF)

Martin McKinsey
A reading that allows us to see the king's cultural performance as something other than an instance of "bastardized" Hellenism, a degenerate echoing of the real thing?

The Travels of a Literary Topos: (PDF)

C. P. Cavafy’s 'Waiting for the Barbarians' and its Visual Restagings" by Maria Boletsi
A discussion of Kendell Geers’s installation “Waiting for the Barbarians” (2001) and Graciela Sacco’s billboard installation “Esperando a los Barbaros” (1995).

"The Typography of Desire": Karen van Dyck's Seminar at Columbia (PDF)

Six papers from a course on Cavafy taught in Spring 2008 by Karen van Dyck, Kimon A. Doukas Professor of Modern Greek Language and Literature.

"Denying Julian: Cavafy’s Julian Poems" (PDF)

Curt Hopkins
The American poet discusses the group of the 12 Julian poems that the Alexandrian wrote between 1896 and 1933.

"Dropping Anchor at Ithaca" (PDF)

George Economou
The American scholar and poet has just published a second book of Cavafy translations and talks about the writer's enduring appeal.

"Parallel Texts" (PDF)

Richard O'Connell
The American poet reflects on the contrapuntal relationship between his poem "Waiting for the Terrorists" and Cavafy's "Waiting for the Barbarians".

Cavafy's Anomaly (PDF)

Gregory Jusdanis
The real scandal in Cavafy is not his homoeroticism but his wholesale revision of poetry, language, identity, and tradition.

"A Mutual Hellenism," excerpt from new book on Cavafy (PDF)

Peter Jeffreys
"A Mutual Hellenism" is an excerpt from the first chapter of a new book on C. P. Cavafy and E. M. Forster. It discusses their shared Western Hellenism and outlines the sources from which they drew their early literary inspiration.

"Cavafy Through the Looking-Glass" (PDF)

Manuel Savidis
C. P. Cavafy is one of the major poets of modern Greece. The appeal of his poetry has only strengthened over time, both in Greece and abroad: he is certainly the modern Greek poet translated more often and in the most languages.

Modern Greek First Online Roundtable: Cavafy

Manuel Savidis' position paper on the state of Cavafy research, "Cavafy Through the Looking-Glass," which we solicited and posted on our website last year, inspired a variety of responses and provoked discussion.

Encouraged by its broad appeal, we invited five academics from the new generation of English-speaking scholars in Modern Greek Studies to write responses and offer their scholarly agenda on Cavafy. The five authors teach in Australian, British, and American universities. They have all published and presented at conferences extensive work on the Alexandrian writer. Their responses have methodological ramifications for Modern Greek cultural studies in general and may in turn generate further discussion.

"Some notes on the Cavafy Forum" (PDF)

On Reading Cavafy: The Man or the Poetry (PDF)

Cavafian Catoptromancy (PDF)

The Transcultural and the Individual in Cavafy (PDF)

From The Darkrooms of Philology (PDF)

The History of Tennis (PDF)