Greek Diaspora Intellectuals Reflect on Cavafy











2013 marks 150 years since Cavafy's birth and 80 years since his death.

Early in the year the C.P. Cavafy Chair at the University of Michigan invited several diaspora Greek intellectuals from around the world to participate in the celebration by writing for the "Forum" a short piece on "the meaning of Cavafy today - his life, poetry, prose, reflections, letters, photos, translations, status, reception," whatever they might like.

The idea was to listen to a variety of voices of the Greek intellectual diaspora in the 21st century.  A very special effort was made to also include people who have not published on Cavafy and who are not scholars of literature.

Suggested length was 200 words but shorter or longer pieces were also perfectly acceptable.  Contributors could use any language, style, and format. Happily people responded by using diverse media and idioms.

My only responsibility was to select and invite prospective contributors.  All contributions are posted here without any editorial intervention.

We are honoring the ultimate diaspora poet on his anniversary by posting simultaneously all these contributions. 

Vassilis Lambropoulos