Culture and Media

The Greek American Image in American Cinema: (PDF)

A Filmography-in-Progress compiled by Dan Georgakas (Queens-CUNY) and Vassilis Lambropoulos

On some Reasons why Greek is one of The World's Major Languages (PDF)

by Brian D. Joseph

Subterranean Passages from The Ogre to Lola: (PDF)

The Influence of American Film Noir on Greek Cinema by Dr. Athanasios Tsakiris

"America is What you Make It" (PDF)

by Christos Chrissopoulos

"TV Across the Aegean: The Greek Love Affair with a Turkish Serial" (PDF)

by Penelope Papailias

Review of Oliver Stone's "Alexander" (PDF)

by U-M's John Cherry

"Andreas Papandreou: The Fate of a Passion (excerpt)" (PDF)

by Stan Draenos

Euro-Soccer and Hellomania (PDF)

by Stathis Gourgouris

Andrew Horton's First Take on Angelopoulos's Film, Triology: The Weeping Meadow (PDF)

by Andrew Horton