Course Information

New and Interesting Courses for Winter '16

For information on courses for Winter 2016, please click the links below to visit the LSA Course Guide. 

NEAREAST 216: Introduction to Islam  

NEAREAST 219: Great Books of the Middle East: Arabian Nights

NEAREAST 255: Perspectives on the Holocaust 

NEAREAST 280: Jewish Film-- Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality

NEAREAST 295.002: Aliens, Sex, and Magic in the Ancient Near East

NEAREAST 315: Introduction to Arab Culture 

NEAREAST 323: The Prophet Muhammad in Islam 

NEAREAST 390.002: Blood, Oil, and Water-- Ancient and Modern Environmental History in the Near East, from Turkey to Iraq 

NEAREAST 423: Islamic Law-- Shariah in Society

NEAREAST 433: Gender and Representation in the Modern Middle East 

NEAREAST 490.002: Diaspora and Ethnicity

NEAREAST 490.004: Science and Society in the Modern Middle East