Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish and Islamic Studies

The Undergraduate Major
in Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish & Islamic Studies

Checklist of Requirements
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Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish and Islamic Studies offers instruction in introductory to advanced level language courses in medieval and modern Arabic, Armenian, Persian, and Turkish. Courses in the histories, literatures and cultures of select regions represented by these language groups are also offered as are a wide range of topics in Islamic Studies.

The course AAPTIS 100, Peoples of the Middle East, is a prerequisite to the AAPTIS major. An AAPTIS major must complete four semesters of a single language. Fourth term proficiency in Arabic, Armenian, Persian, or Turkish satisfies the language requirement of the College of LS&A. The AAPTIS major must also select five other courses in the literature, linguistics, history, culture, and religion in the linguistic or geographical area of the select language.  Two of the five courses must be at the 400 level or above. The AAPTIS major must also complete two cognate courses at the 300 level or above outside of AAPTIS, or outside of his or her area of study.  The cognate courses must be approved by the concentration advisor.