Early Christian Studies

Academic Minor in Early Christian Studies

The academic minor in Early Christian Studies provides students with the opportunity of gaining fundamental knowledge of early Christianity in its Near Eastern and Classical contexts, through the study of lower and upper level language and humanities courses in the Near Eastern Studies and Classical Studies Departments.

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor:

  1. ACABS 122/ RELIGION 122: Introduction to the New Testament (4;3 in the half-term)
  2. Three terms of Greek

Academic Minor Program: At least 16 credit hours of courses to be selected from the following categories.

  1. At least one broad introductory course in the fundamentals of early Christianity (ACABS 221: Jesus and the Gospels), or in early Christianity in its Near Eastern context (ACABS 200: Introduction to World Religions: Near Eastern Religions), or Mediterranean context (HISTORY 201: The Roman Empire and its Legacy). 4 credits minimum
  2. At least two upper-level courses in the literature of early Christianity in the original Greek (includes GREEK 307, 308, 427, 428, 429 and courses currently under development). 6 credits minimum
  3. At least two upper level (300-400) level courses in early Christianity and its Mediterranean roots, 6 credits minimum
  • ACABS 322, 323, 421, 491 (section subtitled "Jewish Life in Late Antiquity")
  • CLARCH 442
  • CLCIV 456, 466, 476
  • HISTORY 307, 405
  • HISTART 442
  • RELIGION 359, 468, 476