Near Eastern Civilizations

The Undergraduate Major
in Near Eastern Civilizations

Checklist of Requirements
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The purpose of this major is to provide the student with an intensive survey of the literatures, histories, cultures, and religions of the ancient Near East and the medieval and modern Middle East but without the language component of the other program concentrations. The student who wishes to declare a major in Near Eastern Civilizations (NEC) may substitute for the four terms of language an equal number of courses in literature, history, or culture and religion. The NEC major must complete at least six of the ten total courses in one of the three subjects within the department, ACABS, AAPTIS, or HJCS; three of these must be at the 400-500 level. At least one course must be taken in each of the other subjects. In addition, the student must take two cognate courses at the 300 level or above in subjects other than the main subject in Near Eastern Studies, or outside of the department. The cognate courses must be approved by the ACABS advisor.

As with the other majors, the minimum number of credit hours for NEC is 30 and the prerequisite course is ACABS 100/ AAPTIS 100/ HJCS 100/ HISTORY 132, Peoples of the Middle East. Honors is not normally awarded to the student in NEC, although petitions for exceptions can be made to the director of undergraduate studies. 

NEC Requirements in summary:

1. Prerequisites
    a. Approval of ACABS advisor.
    b. ACABS 100/ AAPTIS 100/ HJCS 100: Peoples of the Middle East.

2. Distribution by Subject
    a. Six of ten courses in one subject.
    b. A minimum of two other courses with one in each of the other two subjects.
    c. Two cognate courses outside the main subject.

3. Levels Distribution
    a. Five of ten at 400-500 level.
    b. Three at the 400-500 level in the subject where the six courses are selected.
    c. At least one each at 100-, 200-, and 300-level.