Calling all NELP Alum: If you haven't heard, NELP will be celebrating our 40th year in April with a big weekend-long event in Ann Arbor, from April 17-19. All alumni are invited to join us. The weekend will start off with a strolling dinner and a contradance in the Cobblestone Farms barn in Ann Arbor Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday will include things like: Common Writing (featuring Nels Christensen and Jackie Livesay), a NELP alum panel discussion hosted by former NELP staff Suzanne Spring and Sarah Ensor, dinner in the Rackham Building following a reading from three NELP Alum authors (Sara Michas-Martin, Bruce Weber, and Diane Cook) in the Rackham Amphitheater, AND we're trying to put together a film screening to feature work from a NELP filmmaker or two... You've probably already received your invitation. If not, you can access an online version here--and you can find a Facebook page for the event by searching "NELP 40th Anniversary Celebration." There will be a fee for to participate fully in the weekend, to help cover the cost of meals and space rental; the invitation contains a link to register for the event and submit payment for the registration costs. Please do RSVP soon, as space is limited. If we get an overwhelming response, we'll look into changing some of our venues to accommodate more attendees, in which case you might be put on a waitlist if we reach our current cap, and we'll notify you once we figure things out. Questions? Email Aric at We hope to see you there!

Also: Folks looking for or offering free housing (a spare room, a couch to crash on) can use this site.

And if you want to connect with others who are coming in for this event to announce or ask about anything else (sharing rides from the airport? organizing a knitting circle? connecting with alum from your year?), you can post to the NELP 40th Community Bulletin Board

Check back here for updates and more info as details develop!



Facebook for NELP alumni

NEW: We now have a NELP page on Facebook. All NELP Alumni are encouraged to visit and "Like" our page to stay in touch with the program and other alums:

New England Literature Program (NELP) Page

While we've shifted to using the NELP page as our primary presence on Facebook, we do have an older group on Facebook which you may also be interested in visiting:

New England Literature Program (NELP) Group 


Also, we've been busy adding photos to flickr. You can take a look at what we've got up by clicking on any of the images you see on this site, or by checking out our photostream directly:

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