Cost & Financial Aid

Information in this section is approximate. Exact costs and detailed financial aid information will be provided in acceptance letters. There are two costs for attending NELP:

  1. The NELP program fee, which covers transportation, textbooks, food and lodging for the duration of the program, will most likely be between $2200 and $2400 for NELP 2015.
  2. Spring half-term U-M tuition rates are set by the University. This year, they should be something like this:

    Lower division $ 3,237 
    Upper division $ 3,655

    Lower division $ 10,050 
    Upper division $ 10,759

Students who would qualify for U-M financial aid during a Spring half-term on campus will most likely qualify for a similar financial aid package when participating in NELP. NELP also offers some jobs for people with work-study awards. Financial aid applications for the Spring half-term will be available from the Office of Financial Aid around the first of February, and the deadline for these applications is in the first week of March.

NELP alumni have provided some funds for separate NELP scholarships and loans. Details about applying for these small awards will be included with acceptance letters.

Out-of-state students should note that as of 2014, LSA has discontinued its tuition differential support that reduced tuition costs for out-of-state NELP students, so full out-of-state tuition is now required to attend NELP.