Course and GPA Requirements

May I use the honors versions of prerequisites to fulfill the prerequisite requirement for the Neuroscience major?

May I take a prerequisite pass/fail?
Prerequisites other than introductory biology may be taken pass/fail; however, it is not recommended, especially for chemistry. Remember that you must earn at least a C - to pass a course you take pass/fail.

What is a passing grade for a course taken in the Program in Neuroscience?
D -

What is the minimum major GPA in order to graduate?
A major GPA of 2.0 is required in order to declare a major and to graduate. Prerequisite and cognate classes used toward the major are included in calculating the major GPA.

How is the major GPA calculated?
Divide the total number of honor points ("MHP" on your transcript) by the total number of credit hours. All prerequisites, major courses, courses from the department(s), and cognate courses are used in the calculation.

Note: If a course has been repeated, both grades will be used to calculate the major GPA. That is, if you earned a D+ in a class, repeated the course and earned a B, the credits and honor points for both the D+ and B will be included in the major GPA calculation.

Do human physiology (PHYSIOL 201, 502) or human anatomy (MEDADM or BIOMED 401) courses count toward my major?
None of these courses count toward the neuroscience major.

Does UROP credit count toward my major?

I am a double-major. How many classes may I overlap to fulfill both major requirements?
There is not a hard rule on this. Technically you may overlap as many courses as you wish for both majors, provided that the courses you take meet a requirement for both.

How many classes may I overlap to fulfill my major and my minor?
Students may count one class to meet both a major and minor requirement.