Declaring a Neuroscience Major

How do I declare my major?
You must make an appointment with a neuroscience advisor. During this meeting the advisor will help you fill out the appropriate paperwork to officially submit your declaration in a major program.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to declare a major?
You should have a major GPA of at least a 2.0 to declare; prerequisite courses for the major are included in the GPA calculation. You should meet with a neuroscience advisor to discuss the program and your plans to declare early in your college career.

Do I need to complete all my prerequisites before declaring my major?
No. You may declare before you finish all of the prerequisites.

May I double-major or major/minor in two different concentrations?
Yes, but you cannot elect two majors or a major and a minor offered in the same department. The Program in Neuroscience is in the same department as the Program in Biology. One notable exception is the election of a Neuroscience major and an EEB major/minor. This is because the EEB major/minor is administered solely by the EEB department and the Neuroscience major is managed by the MCDB department.