Letter grades must be assigned to all courses fulfilling major requirements. LSA permits students to fulfill concentration prerequisites on a pass/fail basis. A grade of at least C - is required to achieve a passing grade in a pass/fail course.

To graduate with any major, a student must achieve an overall grade point average of 2.0. A grade of D - is still a passing grade as long as the overall GPA in the concentration is acceptable. A passing grade generates honor points, which are used to calculate the GPA.

Credits for a repeated course that was passed the first time will not count towards graduation. Grades for repeated courses will be indicated on the transcript each time the course is repeated; however the repeat grade will only contribute toward the student’s GPA when the initial grade for the course was D+ or below.

“I” (incomplete) grades must be made up by the fourth week of the next fall or winter semester in which the student is enrolled. Otherwise, the grade will lapse to “E.”

Students dissatisfied with grades received in Biology courses may follow grade grievance procedures, which can be obtained from Undergraduate Student Services Office.