Sari M. van Anders

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van Anders

Associate Professor

  • About

    I study intimacy and hormones in social context, with attention to gender/sex and sexual diversity. My research focuses principally on social neuroendocrinology, and I am primarily interested in testosterone. The work uses an interdisciplinary lens informed by social neuroscience, behavioral neuroendocrinology, and feminist psychology. My work examines sexuality, partnering/pair bonding, and nurturance, and I am particularly interested in the evolution of social bonds. I have developed the Steroid/Peptide Theory of Social Bonds, which informs much of our lab's work. Work in my lab also focuses on the health implications of dynamic endocrinology. I employ noninvasive experimental, correlational, and longitudinal designs in humans to understand bidirectional and causal links between hormones and behavior. We also do a small amount of qualitative work. My program includes attention to sexually diverse groups, and work on gendered sexualities and conceptualizations of gender/sex.


  • Education
    • Ph.D. Simon Fraser University