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Equipment Purchasing Consultation

Assistance with IT Purchases for Faculty & Research

The University maintains several preferred vendor contracts for IT purchases. Additionally, with the NextGen initiative new guidelines are being put in place to maximize our purchasing power.  

NuIT would like to assist in the product selection of major IT equipment (i.e. computer, tablets, laptops, and printers) most come with extended warranties.  The University has many standard configurations that make support much more efficient.

Additionally, the university has many software titles under site license that can be installed at little to no cost on university owned equipment.  Please stop by NuIT before submitting to the business office for your consultation.



Biophysics Graduate Student NuIT Orientation on  IT use within the Department, August 30 2012

Chemistry Graduate Student NuIT Orientation on  IT use within the Department, August 23, 2012

NuIT Orientation Presentation given to Biophysics REU students, May 2012

Town Hall Meeting Presentation given to Chemistry & Biophysics faculty and staff, April 2012

University Provided Services

(Anti-Virus, and other tools)
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University Provided Storage

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University & LSA SoftwareSoftware for installation on University owned machines.

UmichITAM, the LSAIT licensing group has a list of software that can be installed on University owned machines for faculty and staff of LSA here:

Contact the NuIT group for access and installation.  (Depending on the software some restrictions may apply.)

The University Information and Technology Services has a list of software and a description on you may install here:

Please contact the NuIT group for access and installation support.

Software for personally owned machines (i.e. those not purchased with University funds) can be found at the U-M Computer Showcase here:
If you find it necessary to purchase software at the Showcase and install on a University owned machine please let the NuIT group know so we can inform UmichITAM.

Instructional Faculty Upgrades

Instructional Faculty Upgrade Program (June, 2011)
The CUIF program is designed to ensure productivity to LSA instructional faculty. These funds are not intended to provide all the computing needs for faculty members and in Chemistry are handled by the Chem-IT group.
The program funds on a four year replacement cycle, you will be contacted when you are eligible.  Old computers are to be returned to Chem-IT and will be sent to Property Disposition and not “handed down” to other faculty or staff, or allowed to be moved to a faculty member’s home.  CUIF computers will have the LSA Build.  Old computers are a security risk for the department and the College.
If you are eligible this year, you are allowed up to $1,200.00 if you have a 100% LSA
appointment or a prorated amount if you have a split appointment outside LSA.  Please
consider the recommended computers found at  LSAIT’s website:  Other models may be considered based on warranty, compatibility and supportability.
As of January 1, 2007, all LSA computers are required to meet minimum operating system
requirements. This requirement was mandated by computer security concerns. Computers
running old operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Mac OS 9 are not
permitted on the LSA network.  For further details on the LSA Computer Security Policy see,
The College and the University continue to aggressively pursue site licenses and volume
discounts for commonly-used software packages for all supported platforms, reducing the
need for individuals to purchase those licenses themselves. Please see for agreements available to LSA faculty. The University of Michigan has an agreement with Microsoft which provides use of Microsoft Office and several other software packages for faculty, staff, and instructional and research computer systems. Please see for more details. 

Computer Equipment Disposal

Disposal of Computer and Storage Media Devices (8/23/2011)
Disposal of all Computer and Storage Media Devices are required to be processed through
the Chemistry IT Department.  This will ensure compliance with University Policy as outlined by The University of Michigan Board of Regents by-laws 14.07 “Privacy and Access to Information”. Also, additional policy on this matter can be found in the Standard Practice Guide 520.1 Section IV, Item D.
All devices will be sanitized of all software and data following Office of Financial Analysis guidelines by the Chemistry IT Department before sending to property and tagged with the following information: Media sanitized or removed, the processor speed, memory size, hard drive size, and the condition (working or not working).

Current guidance and policy: