Opportunities to Stay Involved

As we seek new opportunities and educational experiences for our students, we look to OS alumni as a valuable resource. Below are some ways for you to contribute to the Organizational Studies Program.

Work opportunities: Hands-on experience is desired by most OS students because it allows them to combine their education with real world experience. You can assist by providing information on internships and full-time opportunities offered by your organization. Contact the Student Services Coordinator with information about internship or full-time opportunities.

We also host companies who would like to recruit OS students. Companies such as Deloitte & Touche, Bloomberg, and others have come to Organizational Studies to recruit for both internship opportunities and full-time opportunities. Companies interested in recruiting OS students can contact the Student Services Coordinator to set up information sessions or interview days.

Event participation: The Organizational Studies Program has a number of venues for you to share your experiences with OS undergrads. From MOST (Monthly Organizational Studies Talks) and other special presentations, you're invited to share your story and insights. Recent visits from alumni have included: 

  • Justin Benson ('08), Kris Jensen ('09), and Brad Stulberg ('08), UM Post Graduate Programs - "Pre-Law and Public Health Information Sessions for OS Students"
  • David Lapedis ('05), IMPACT - "Having an Impact"
  • Perry Teicher ('07), Peace Corps Alum - "Peace Corps Experience After OS"
  • Brad Stulberg ('08), McKinsey & Co - "Lessons Learned from OS and the its Immediate Impact in the Field of Health Care"
  • Kate Heinze (‘05), PhD candidate, Kellogg School of Business - “Forage for thought: Mobilizing codes in the movement for grass-fed meat and dairy products
  • Rohan Ma ('06), Chicago Climate Exchange - "Organizational Dynamics of Climate Change"
  • Gina Valo (Dec '05), Google - "Fostering Creativity and Collaboration in the Workplace"
  • Anne (Aufhammer) Orloff ('02), Boston University - Co-presenter "Philanthropy, Development and Organizations"

Individual mentoring: Students have a strong interest in speaking with alumni one-on-one about careers and about the path taken to reach job goals. You can be a valuable resource by mentoring a student via email, phone interviews, or in-person meetings, as schedules allow.

If you have an interest in any of these options, please contact the Student Services Coordinator.

Also, let OS know what you have been up to since graduation!  Take our OS Alumni Survey to give us the most up-to-date information.