Current OS Pathways

Positive Organizational Scholarship

Class of 2015

Jessica Borison: The Effect of Leaders and Relationships in an Organization

Jenna Fiore: Nonprofit Leadership and Change Management

Nicole Jablon: Effective Leadership and Management Strategies in Organizations

Leslie Kang: The Power Behind How Managing Human Behavior and Developing Meaningful Relationships Contribute to Organizational Success

Shira Kreitenberg: Organizational Development with a Focus on Effective Leadership and Positive Change

Jenna Liss: People and Relationships in Organizations

Anna Moloney: Leveraging Diverse Human Capital to Promote Organizational Wellbeing in International Organizations

Jessica Ong: Positive Leadership, Management, and Strategic Thinking in International Organizations

Class of 2016

Casey Baltimore: Promoting Social Change with Positive Leadership and Management of Non-Profit Organizations on a Domestic and International Level

Carren Cheng: Creativity and Positive Organizational Change

Yael Kornfeld: Utilizing Effective Leadership and Management Skills to Create a Positive Organizational Experience

Dylan Lim: Building Positive and Effective Organizations

Madison Romney: Promoting Effective Leadership and Positive Change in Organizations

Alyssa Setting: Positive Change and Leadership in Empowerment-Focused Organizations

Yanshuo Yang: Addressing Social Issues through Positive Corporate Practices