• Elizabeth Armstrong

    Elizabeth A. Armstrong

    Professor of Organizational Studies, Sociology, and Women's Studies 2016-C Ruthven

    Areas of sexuality, gender, culture, organizations, social movements, and higher education734.764.6324 /

  • wayneb.jpg

    Wayne Baker

    Sparks Whirpool Corporate Research Professor of Management and Professor of Sociology (by courtesy) P2010 Bus Admin, 1234

    networks and organizations, social capital, economic sociology, and cultural change734.764.2306 /

  • Jane Banaszek-Holl

    Jane Banaszak-Holl

    Associate Professor, School of Public Health M3509 SPH II 2029

    734.936.1668 /

  • Michael Bastedo

    Michael Bastedo

    Director and Associate Professor, Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education 2108C School of Education

    Governance, organization, and politics of public higher

  • Kim Cameron

    Kim Cameron

    William Russell Kelly Professor of Business Administration, Ross School of Business, School of Education 4360 Ross School of Business

    734.615.5247 /

  • gfdavis.jpg

    Gerald F. Davis

    Wilbur K. Pierpont Professor of Management and Professor of Sociology

    734.936.1525 /

  • jdutton

    Jane Dutton

    Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology 2544E, Center for POS

    Relationships and organizations, Organizational processes and employee thriving, organizational adaptation and

  • Eljamal

    Melissa Eljamal

    Key Administrator 2016-F Ruthven

    734.764.6811 /

  • smgarcia

    Stephen Garcia

    Associate Professor of Organizational Studies and Psychology 2016-G Ruthven

    Decision making, competition, and social comparison.734.615.2561 /

  • Michael Heaney

    Michael T. Heaney

    Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies and Political Science 2016-J Ruthven

    American politics, interest groups, political parties, social movements, social networks202.236.3369 /

  • Arnold Ho

    Arnold Ho

    Assistant Professor of Psychology and Organizational Studies 2016-H Ruthven

    Social Inequality; Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Discrimination; Social Categorization and Perception; Social Policy Attitudes734.764.2717 /

  • Andy Hoffman

    Andy Hoffman

    Holcim (US) Inc. Professor in Sustainable Enterprise, Professor of Natural Resources and the Environment R4472 701 Tappan Street

    734.763.9455 /

  • Joe Johnson

    Joe Johnson

    Student Services Coordinator 709 Dennison

    734.764.6715 /

  • Diane Vinoker

    Diane Kaplan Vinoker

    Associate Professor of Social Work 3794 Social Work 1106

    734.647.2553 /

  • Ram Mahalingham

    Ramaswami Mahalingam

    Associate Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies 3263 East Hall

    734.763.0049 /

  • Mark Mizruchi

    Mark S. Mizruchi

    Barger Family Professor and Director, Organizational Studies
    Professor of Sociology and Ross School of Business
    2016-D Ruthven

    Economic and political behavior of American corporations;Social network analysis;Globalization of American banking;Corporate lobbying activities734.764.6767 /

  • Jason Owen-Smith

    Jason Owen-Smith

    Barger Leadership Institute Professor and Director,
    Professor, Organizational Studies and Sociology
    2016-D Ruthven

    Innovation, networks, high technology industries, regional economic development734.764.6767 /

  • cphilbin

    Cathy Philbin

    OS Advisor 2016-01 Ruthven

    734.764.6809 /

  • Richard Price

    Richard Price

    Professor Emeritus 3334 ISR 1248

    734.763.0446 /

  • Tiffany Purnell 2010 Headshot for Web

    Tiffany Purnell

    Barger Leadership Institute Program Coordinator 2016 Ruthven-04

    734.764.8200 /

  • lsandel

    Lance Sandelands

    Professor of Psychology and Ross School of Business 7718 Wyly Hall 1234

    734.763.5640 /

  • Carl Simon

    Carl Simon

    Professor of Economics, Mathematics, Public Policy, Center for Complex Systems 4203 Weill Hall

    734.763.3074 /

  • Soderstrom, Sara

    Sara Soderstrom

    Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies and Program in the Environment 2016-E Ruthven

    Organizational theory, corporate sustainability, organizational change, and social movements734.764.8247 /

  • David Winter

    David Winter

    Professor Emeritus 3031 East Hall

    Psychology of personality, including human motivation (especially power motivation and responsibility); political psychology, including measurement of personality at a distance, and leadership; psychological aspects of war and peace; authoritarianism and its relation to threat and aggression734.647.3952 /

  • Oyarbarra

    Oscar Ybarra

    Professor of Psychology 3006 East Hall

    Social Psychology734.763.3156 /

  • dyz

    Denise Yekulis

    Program Assistant 2016-02 Ruthven

    734.764.6767 /