Richard Price

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Richard Price

Professor Emeritus

Office Location(s): 3334 ISR 1248
Phone: 734.763.0446
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • Department of Psychology, Institute for Social Research, School of Business Administration, Organizational Studies
  • About

    Organizational innovation. For two decades Rick has served a Director of the Michigan Prevention Research Center at the Institute for Social Research which has been devoted to developing, testing and disseminating organizational innovations designed to help people cope with these transitions.

    One such innovation involves an intensive active learning model program aimed at promoting job search skills and resilience in persons experiencing work and career transitions. The program model has been evaluated and replicated in large scale randomized experimental trials, produces more rapid reemployment, stronger motivation for job search, better mental health, and cost-benefit analyses indicate positive economic impacts. It is now being replicated in a number of countries around the world.