Stephen Garcia

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Associate Professor of Organizational Studies and Psychology

Office Location(s): 2016-G Ruthven
Phone: 734.615.2561
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  • Affiliation(s)
    • Psychology
  • Fields of Study
    • Decision making, competition, and social comparison.
  • About

    My current research explores the dynamics of competition through the lens of social comparison processes.   For example, the N-Effect (Garcia & Tor, 2009; Tor and Garcia, 2010) suggests that the motivation to compete decreases as the number of competitors increases, controlling for expected payoff.   We are currently exploring the boundary conditions of this effect as well as other new phenomena.   Another line of work focuses on judgment and decision-making.  One recent finding in this vein is the Presenter’s Paradox (Weaver, Garcia, & Schwarz, 2012):  the tendency for presenters to include mildly supportive information in addition to strongly supportive information in their attempt to make a strong presentation; however, from the receiver’s perspective, a presentation that includes only strongly supportive information is ironically more compelling than one that additionally includes mildly supportive information. 

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Princeton University