Cathy Philbin

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OS Advisor

Office Location(s): 2016-01 Ruthven
Phone: 734.764.6809
Fax: 734.764.6554
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    Cathy advises OS majors, assisting them with course planning, progress-toward-degree information, senior audits, course transfers or substitutions, study abroad, and other issues. She also chairs the OS Curriculum Committee and participates in many aspects of OS program review and future planning.

    Cathy has been on staff at UM since 1985, and earned her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration from UM in 1992. She worked for 7 years in the Undergraduate Admissions Office, and another 7 years for the same office on the UM-Dearborn campus, rising to the level of Assistant Director of Admissions. She returned to the Ann Arbor campus in 1999 to serve as the Coordinator of the Office of Student Services at the School of Education, supervising the graduate and undergraduate recruiting, admissions, registration, and advising processes for that unit. She joined the Organizational Studies Program staff in October 2001, serving as the major advisor.