Prepare Academically

Admission to the OS program is highly competitive. In order to best prepare yourself academically for application to the OS program, we suggest the following:

Enroll in prerequisite classes. Students are required to have completed at least two and be enrolled in the third prerequisite course at the time of application. It is preferred that applicants have all three prerequisite courses completed at the time of application. The three prerequisite courses are:

Psychology 111, 112, 114, or 115
Sociology 100, 102, 195, or 300
Economics 101

Prerequisite courses must be taken for a grade (not P/F). Grades earned in the prerequisite courses will be considered in the application process, but there are no minimum grades required in order to apply to the program. AP credit is accepted to fulfill the prerequisites. Transfer credit is accepted as long as the course is taken for a grade and accepted by the university as equivalent course credit. Please note that economics courses taken online are NOT accepted for credit at UM, and thus cannot fill the prerequisite. If you are thinking of taking a prerequisite course at another institution, please visit the U-M Transfer Guides to confirm equivalency.

Maintain a strong cumulative GPA. Although there is no minimum GPA requirement, the program is highly competitive and selective. Maintaining a strong GPA will provide the Admissions Committee with evidence that you are academically prepared to succeed in this rigorous program.

Develop a backup plan. Students should simultaneously pursue an alternate course of action for a possible concentration since OS can only accept a fraction of the applicants. Students should review the requirements for other majors to determine overlap with the OS major and pursue those courses that would fulfill requirements or prerequisites in BOTH major. This helps to minimize "catch up" in completing requirements in another major if students are not admitted to OS.