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The University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology (UMMP) is a research museum devoted to study the history of life, interpretation of its meaning, and sharing these experiences with students.

UMMP is the intellectual home of paleontology at Michigan. It provides staff, laboratory, and field support for faculty and students to enable new and original empirical investigations of the history of life.

UMMP provides space and facilities for conserving, organizing, and studying collections of fossil specimens and accompanying information resulting from field investigations.

Access to Collections

The Museum of Paleontology houses an extensive archive of specimens. The archives are open to bona fide academic visitors, subject to appointment. Requests to study specimens should be made in writing (by letter or e-mail) and addressed to the appropriate curator. Procedures for requesting access to the archive can be found on the access to collections page of this site.

Museum Collection Statistics

Vertebrate Collection
  Estimated total specimens 100,000
  Cataloged specimens 80,000
  Holotype specimens 300
  Curators Dr. Gingerich, Dr. Wilson
Invertebrate Collection
  Estimated total specimens 2,000,000
  Cataloged specimens 300,000
  I.  Total specimens in Type, Figured, and Cited Collection 14029
  II. Number of Primary Types 4960
     a. ICZN name bearing specimens (holotypes, lectotypes,
         neotypes, syntypes, or equivalent)
     b. Paratypes or equivalent 2903
III. Number of hypotypes, figured, cited, or equivalent 9069
  Curators Dr. Baumiller, Dr. Fisher
Paleobotany Collection
  Estimated total specimens 15,000
  Cataloged specimens 10,000
  Holotype specimens 50
  Curators Dr. Burnham
Micropaleontology Collection
  Estimated total specimens 100,000
  Cataloged specimens 5,000
  Holotype specimens 100
  Curators (Contact Invertebrate Collection
Manager – Daniel J. Miller)