Former Affiliates

  • ZCalamari

    Zac Calamari

    Stable isotope studies of Snowmass mastodons and 3D models of proboscidean osteology.
    (PI: Fisher) ,

  • Caple

    Mackenzie Caple

    A species description of Galium aparine; the distribution of tropical lianas north of Manaus, Brazil; an investigation of air layering as a technique to propagate woody climbers.
    (PI: Burnham)
    1518 Ruthven

  • FClowney

    Fiona Clowney

    Techniques for preparing tropical liana stem samples for study and the use of transectional macromorphological wood characters to distinguish climbing species of Connaraceae from Fabaceae. (PI: Burnham) 1518 Ruthven

  • Meredith Dennis

    Meredith Dennis

    Molding and casting Snowmass mastodons.
    (PI: Fisher)

  • Sole

    M. Soledad Domingo

    Research Fellow
    Working with Catherine Badgley
    108 Museums Annex

  • Dorey

    Jenna Dorey

    Photo guide to tropical lianas from PDBFF - Reserva Km 37, Brazil.
    (PI: Burnham)
    1518 Ruthven

  • Evans

    Katarina Evans

    Molding and casting of Egyptian protocetid whales.
    (PI: Gingerich)
    1510 Ruthven

  • Ryan Gabelman

    3D modeling of the Riley mammoth site.
    (PI: Fisher)
    1528 Ruthven

  • Hood

    Jordan Hood

    Preparation of a new turtle from the Late Cretaceous of India.
    (PI: Wilson)

  • Malley

    Claire Malley

    Restructuring and redesign of the CLIMBERS Project website (Censusing Lianas In Mesic Biomes of Eastern Regions).
    (PI: Burnham)
    1518 Ruthven

  • C Meadows

    Caitlin Meadows

    Drilling predation on Oligocene echinoids: a perspective from Down Under.
    (PI: Baumiller)
    2508 Ruthven

  • Bonnie Miljour

    Bonnie Miljour

    Retired Senior Scientific Illustrator 1523 Ruthven

  • Emile Moacdieh

    Emile Moacdieh

    Former Affiliate

  • TarynOConnor

    Taryn O'Connell

    Measuring pneumaticity in vertebrae of sauropod dinosaurs.
    (PI: Wilson)
    124 Museums Annex

  • Peters

    Alexandria Peters

    Trait determined habitat preference in dune and inland distributed native species.
    (PI: Burnham)
    1518 Ruthven

  • Santanna

    Cristine Santanna

    Characteristics and distribution of the 110 species of climbing plants in the Michigan Flora.
    (PI: Burnham)

  • Sharrar

    Allison Sharrar

    Photographing and describing possible climbing Cissites and fern species from the Paleocene Raton Formation of New Mexico.
    (PI: Burnham)
    5504 C.C. Little

  • STownsend

    Sarah Townsend

    Preparation of a new turtle from the Late Cretaceous of India.
    (PI: Wilson)
    1510 Ruthven

  • CWhalen

    Chris Whalen

    Analysis of CT scans of two baby woolly mammoths.
    (PI: Fisher)

  • A Wozniak

    Alex Wozniak

    3D modeling of the Riley mammoth site.
    (PI: Fisher)