Undergraduate Students

  • Briana Gladhill

    Updating specimen location information in database and ensuring specimens have trackable unique identifiers.
    Supervisor: Adam Rountrey
    1512 Ruthven


  • Jessica Hicks

    1528 Ruthven


  • Scott Johnston

    Scott Johnston

    Molding dyrosaur fossils from the early Oligocene Shumaysi Formation in Saudi Arabia and ribs from an archaeocete whale from the Eocene of Egypt.
    Supervisor: William Sanders
    1510 Ruthven


  • Katrina Lewandowski

    Preparation out of molar roots in a partial skull of a mammoth.
    PI: Daniel Fisher
    1510 Ruthven


  • Ingrid Lundeen

    3D imaging and photogrammetry of specimens from India.
    (PI: Wilson)
    Casting and molding specimens.
    (Supervisor: William Sanders)
    1510 Ruthven


  • Matthew Oates

    Preparing partial skeleton of a protocetid whale from the early Eocene of Pakistan.
    Supervisor: William Sanders
    1510 Ruthven


  • Lisa Solomon

    Fossil preparation of crocodiles from the early Eocene of Pakistan.
    PI: Jeff Wilson
    1510 Ruthven


  • David Vander Weele

    David Vander Weele

    Collections digitization ~ Three-dimensional digital models of specimens using scanning and photogrammetry methods.
    Supervisor: Adam Rountrey
    1510 Ruthven