29. Evolution of Paleocene and Eocene Phenacodontidae

Author(s): J. G. M. Thewissen



The family Phenacodontidae (Condylarthra, Marnrnalia) occurs in the Paleocene and Eocene of North America and Europe. North American phenacodontids are among the most abundant mammals during their range from middle Torrejonian (63 Ma) through Bridgerian land-mammal ages (49 Ma). In Europe, phenacodontids are rare and known only from early and middle Eocene deposits. This study evaluates the pattern of evolution, and the geographic and chronologic distribution of phenacodontid taxa, and investigates some causal factors for these patterns. (Go to the link and see more of this paper.)

Publication Information:

Publisher: University of Michigan

Month of Publication: December

Year of Publication: 1990

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Volume Number: 29

# of Pages: 107