The World Needs Victors

The Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) was founded in 1990 with the mission to collaborate with incarcerated adults, incarcerated youth, urban youth and the formerly incarcerated to strengthen our community through creative expression. A program of the Residential College, PCAP uses creative expression to engage U-M students in social justice work throughout Michigan. Students develop leadership skills through a rigorous curriculum and by facilitating a visual art, theater, or creative writing workshop that will culminate in a final performance, reading, exhibition, or artistic portfolio by the youth and adults PCAP seeks to serve.

Support, both endowed and annual, is always needed. Gifts of any amount are appreciated.

Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners

PCAP's Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners sheds light on the talents found behind prison walls and encourages the public to take a second look, inspiring dialogue and awareness. Now in its nineteenth year, this nationally recognized show has grown to be the largest exhibition of prisoner art in the country. Despite limited resources, artists create work in a rich range of styles, mediums and themes. Student volunteers are involved with every aspect of the show including selecting artwork, planning special events, and providing guided tours.

Support is needed for artwork preparation, postage, money orders, speaker fees, travel expenses, and venue rental. It doesn't take a large gift to make an impact.

$500,000 endowed / $25,000 annually

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PCAP programs include student-facilitated creative arts workshops, an arts program for returning citizens, an annual literary review, and special events on campus.

Support is needed for special presentations, equipment and supplies, venue rental, campus visits for high school workshop participants, and publication costs. It doesn't take a large gift to make an impact.

$500,000 endowed / $25,000 annually 

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Staffing support includes program coordinator salaries, stipends for our artistic mentoring program participants and volunteers, honoraria for guest speakers and conference presenters, and mileage reimbursement for volunteers and program participants. It doesn't take a large gift to make an impact.

$1M endowed / $50,000 annually

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Give today because the world needs Victors. 

Ensure that the best, brightest minds have access to the College regardless of their financial circumstances. 

Fund real-world, global experiences outside the academy through entrepreneurial efforts and internships. 

Support frontline research across disciplines into bold ideas that will solve the most challenging problems in our changing world...

- a world that needs Victors.