Cooking Outside the Box: The Outsider's Guide to Cooking on the Inside

Author(s): Various

Editor(s): Gabriella Bass, Sari Adelson (Contributing Editor)

Cooking Outside the Box cover


One microwave, one spork, an ID, and boundless ingenuity are all you need to use this cookbook. This unique collection of recipes, created and used by men and women inside Michigan prisons, give a brief insight into the heart of an overlooked culture. Within the pages of this book lies the necessity of the human spirit, a remarkable story of how so much can be made with so little.

Publication Information:

Publisher: Leadfoot Press

Year of Publication: 2008

Location: Detroit, MI

# of Pages: 115

Additional Information:

ISBN: 978-0-9764939-9-0

Out Of Print: Yes

Notes, Comments, Reviews:

"Cooking Outside the Box is much more than just a cookbook...inside this book is hope." Kate Lawson, The Detroit News