Doing Time, Making Space: 10 Years of the Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners

Author(s): Various

Editor(s): Buzz Alexander, Janie Paul

Doing Time, Making Space cover image


Doing Time, Making Space is a 10-year retrospective of the Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners. It includes over over 50 full-color reproductions.

This book is a celebration of art created in the hard spaces of prison. It is also a celebration of the community that has grown up around the yearly exhibitions, a community of the artists, their families and friends, the members of the Prison Creative Arts Project, prison officers, staff and administrators, students, faculty, administrators and the staff at the University of Michigan, and citizens across Michigan.


Publication Information:

Publisher: Prison Creative Arts Project

Year of Publication: 2005

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

# of Pages: 24

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Price: $5