On the Corner of Nihilism and Hope: Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing Volume 4

Author(s): Various

Editor(s): Colleen Cirocco



An annual collection of Michigan's best creative writing, PCAP’s Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing seeks to showcase the talent and diversity of the writers within its correctional facilities.  The review features writing from both beginning and experienced writers - writing that comes from the heart, and that is unique, well-crafted, and lively.

For Volume 4, writers were offered an optional prompt to respond to: Write a letter to someone who cannot or will not write back. The review features five of the most powerful responses. Another exciting development in this year’s review is the presentation of five pieces in their original form. These innovations, along with the remarkable content, make this the best volume yet.

Publication Information:

Publisher: Dakota Avenue West Publishing

Year of Publication: 2012

Location: Detroit, MI

Volume Number: 4

# of Pages: 154

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Price: $14 plus shipping

ISBN: 978-0-578-10142-2